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Good News. Women in Architecture
24 January 2022

An account of the evolution of the profession of architect in the last century: from the 20th century stereotype of the great charismatic master to the growing presence of women, collectives and firms identified with couples.

It is a path that follows the anthropological change of the architectural profession that is documented by "Good News. Women in Architecture", the MAXXI exhibition that aspires to document the way in which the presence of new figures is infusing new forces into contemporary architecture.

Particular attention is given to the work of studios directed or co-directed by female designers and to those professional bodies that are showing themselves to be more aware of the changes underway, integrating them into their design process.

On display are some of the names and stories that have had and still have a crucial impact: from Charlotte Perriand to the collectives of the 1970s, from Elizabeth Diller to promising young designers like Frida Escobedo.
The exhibition also includes a series of video interviews with authors/authors that reconstruct the stories and theories that accompany this narrative.

What: Good News. Women in Architecture
Where: Museo MAXXI, via Guido Reni 4a
When: 16 December 2021 > 11 September 2022
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