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Cao Fei - Supernova
24 January 2022

MAXXI museum is hosting "Supernova", an exhibition of works by Cao Fei, the Chinese artist born in 1978 who uses film and multimedia installations to investigate the dizzying social and cultural transformation of contemporary China, often through the key of contamination between reality and fantasy - be it dream, creativity or one of the infinite virtual combinations made possible by new technologies.

Among the works presented is Isle of Instability, the artist's latest, highly topical installation, which documents his personal experience in lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak and reflects on the limitations shared by all citizens of the world in recent years.

One of the most innovative artists in her country, Cao Fei is interested in reflecting on the speed of the changes taking place in her country and in the world, accelerated by technology to the point of making us rethink the relationship/conflict between tradition and future, between real and virtual. It is no coincidence that the MAXXI exhibition has conceived his works "within an articulated installation path that starts from the real, and sometimes private, places of the artist's life, contemporary China, his neighborhood, his studio and his home, and looks out onto a threatening and surreal virtual future".

Cao Fei's films Haze and Fog (2013) and La Town (2014) are presented at MAXXI, as well as his latest three works.
Nova (2019) is a science fiction film that tells the timeless story of Hongxia, the neighborhood where the artist lives, reinvented and set in the future.
The Eternal Wave (2020) continues the exploration of virtual, reality and self-perception with technology.
Isle of Instability (2020), Cao Fei's latest creation, is a multimedia installation conceived in his Singapore home that explores the psychological repercussions of pandemic and isolation.

What: Supernova
Where: Museo MAXXI, via Guido Reni 4a
When: 16 dicembre 2021 > 08 maggio 2022
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